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Design of the bearing cage


The cage structure is made of an aluminium, brass, or steel flat bar with a chemical composition that guarantees relevant characteristics imposed on the linear bearing system.

Bearing cages are filled with definite number of friction-reducing needles, rolls or balls precisely fitted into cage holes.


Stiffness of rolling components


Rolling components with the dimensions:

Ball Ø 9, roller Ø 9 x 9, and 3 needles Ø 3 x 9 exhibit quite similar size of projections.

  Ball Shaft 3_Shafts  
Ball Ø 9
Roller Ø 9 x 9
3 needles Ø 3 x 9
    Aprojection  ball ≈ Aprojection  roller ≈ Aprojection  3 needles  
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