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Services and distribution of technical appliances for the linear motion technology


We are representatives of the company SCHNEEBERGER for the territory of Poland. The commercial offer of our partner company includes the full range of units, equipment, and accessories for the linear motion technology.


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Examples of linear guides
Global solution of machinery components
Linear guides with the measurement system

We also deal with distribution of roller screw and ballscrew mechanisms manufactured by the STEINMEYER company.

Definition: The ballscrew mechanism, where balls act as rolling components, is meant for conversion of rotation movements into linear translations and vice versa (to DIN 69 951-1).
Ballscrew mechanisms provide designer with great many opportunities in the area of transport and positioning.


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The ballscrew form STEINMEYER
Example of mounting a ballscrew




We are representatives of the company Exxellin for the territory of Poland.


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Linear ball bearingsTrack roller guidance system ELF
Track roller guidance system ELF
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