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Cages of special design (of brass, soldered, brazed, with special profiles)

Special bin
Special bin

Another group of bearing cages is classified among the non-standard products and comprises special cages with delivery dates mutually agreed depending of special difficulties of the design and individual requirements of customers.

The special cages are manufactured in line with drawings submitted by customers, with all their characteristic and distinguishing features.

The group of non-standard products includes special cages with different design characteristics, such as dimensions, specially adjusted cross-sections, soldering, brazing and assembly procedures, roller, needle, or ball dimensions in accordance with design requirements.

That group (of non-standard products) includes also bearing cages of stainless steel, milled brass cages, brazed steel cages, cages with attachments, and glued aluminium cages.

Some examples of special cages are presented on the side and below.

Special bin   Special bin        
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