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Notes on design characteristics and safety

  1. Correct operation of linear bearings depends on mutual matching of guides and bearing cages. The role of linear race for bearing cages can be performed by precision guides of the types M, V, N, O, LWRM, and LWRV or suitably machined and appropriately fitted components of machinery and equipment.
  2. It is extremely important that:
    • roughness of guides must be as low as possible, the value of Ra=0.4 is recommended (refers to documentation of precise linear guides);
    • applied guides must exhibit hardness of 670 HV (58 HRC) as a minimum;
    • load capacity of the guides with the hardness below 58 HRC must be suitably adjusted.
  3. Prior to mount of the linear bearing cage, it is essential to pay attention to its correct location in the guide in order to ensure its proper linear motions.
  4. While unpacking and assembling, it is essential to pay attention whether the bearing cages are complete and free of damages. In particular any deformations (bents, distortions) or incompleteness (missing needles in bearings) must be immediately reported.
  5. During assembly the bearing cages must by free of any dirt.


Adjustment of the linear bearing system (guides + bearing cage) and its geometrical interrelationships:

L = LK + H/2


the guiding system in central position


the guiding system in the rightmost position



the guiding system in the leftmost position

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