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Protective coatings of aluminium cages


Aluminium bearing cages manufactured by ROLLICO are coated with special protective material Hartelox and PTFE (teflon) to enable operation under heavy-duty conditions.

Owing to chemical treatment the aluminium bearing cages offered by our company acquire unparallel properties. Hard layer of Hartelox with Teflon coating PTFE on the top reduces friction, protects against corrosion, and increases resistance to wear of the material. The process of coating of cage bodies with protective materials does not change either their original dimensions or any of their physical properties (load capacity).

External surface of a bearing cage is converted into a ceramic material (Hartelox - hard anodizing) and then teflon (PTFE) is deposited on the top. The protective coating created in such a way is bound to the substrate material to the half of its thickness - for the standard thickness of 50 µm the bonding up to the depth of 25 µm is formed.

Application of teflon protective coatings has some substantial advantages, including:

  • protection against corrosion
  • reduction of friction
  • improved contact properties (low degree of sticking)
  • better resistance to wear

Aluminium cages with BK / BR coating

Symbols BK and BR stand for additional chemical treatment of standard aluminium cages. The treatment is carried out prior to mounting of needles inside the cage.

BK (Beschichtung als Korrosionsschutz)

    coating for anticorrosive protection and friction mitigation (coating is deposited on all the surfaces of cage bodies).

BR (Beschichtung zur Reibungsverminderung)

    coating for anticorrosive protection and friction reduction (face surfaces of cages are not coated - after cutting to the length they are no longer resistant to corrosion).


Application of coatings: Hartelox + PTFE
Thickness deposited on the material = 25 µm
Coating depth (penetration into the substrate material) = 25 µm
Maximum length = 1200 mm
Example of order code: HW 15x500 AL / BK - Angular aluminium bearing cage with BK coating
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