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Advantages of flat and angular bearing cages

  • Linear bearing cages incorporate needles and rollers that are frontally roll-formed, where the cylindrical surface narrows at the end of the needles and thus smaller load is applied at the edges of needles. Precise placement of the needles and their long contact line make it is possible to maintain large load capacity and stiffness on the small surfaces.
  • They exhibit the highest stiffness among the flat linear bearings.
  • Depending on requirements of customers the bearing cages can be manufactured from a single piece of aluminium or assembled from a number of components.
  • They are particularly suitable for precise applications under harsh working conditions.
  • The standard linear bearing basis is manufactured from the alloy of lightweight metals with exceptional mechanical properties. It is relatively light and thus assures much lower inertia forces at very quick reciprocating motions.
  • Our products can be trouble-free operated under demanding climatic conditions and aggressive chemical environment owing to selection of possible materials: aluminium (Al), brass (Ms) or steel (F).
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